Romania Background Checks.

Our Romanian Company Check is beneficial to all private persons and entrepreneurs that wish to work with a Romanian company and wish to acquire information in advance from a reputable source.

Unlike investigative or business intelligence companies, our firm is staffed by lawyers. We are supported by a romanian network of local experts who adhere to the same high ethical standards and transparency that we do.


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Our reports give you the opportunity to reassure yourself about a potential business partner with whom you intend to develop a significant relationship.


Customized to meet the demands

Our services are customized to meet the demands, objectives, and characteristics of our clients. These might differ significantly between businesses and entrepreneurs. 

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Due to the fact that there is no centralised authority in Romania that can give you with all the information you require, assigning experienced lawyers to gather all pertinent information from various sources allows you to save time and energy. It is the most effective method of obtaining a complete image of your possible partners in Romania.


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When working with a Romanian company, the contract partner's financial stability and economic reputation become key factors in the future success of the business relationship. 

Background Check related to the Romanian Company

Current financials related to the Romanian Company

Trials that involve and legal risk analysis 

Mentions/reports in the Insolvency procedure

Mentions in the Trade Register

Court decisions

Background Check related to associates

Business in Romania as associate or administrator

Addresses of businesses and contact details

Current financials related to companies that is involved

Trials that involve company shareholder

Insolvency problems check

Decisions of associates made by companies where shareholder is involved


A business partner check assists businesses in mitigating risk associated with dealings with suppliers, customers, subcontractors, and other third parties. Background checks on one's own business partners should be conducted prior to the conclusion of a commercial transaction, during the course of the business partnership, and on an ongoing basis.


  • Civil Litigation
  • Pending Judgments & Liens
  • Company shareholder report
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Movable Property
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Company and Individual

  • Civil Litigation
  • Financial Report
  • Bankruptcy Cases
  • Pending Judgments & Liens
  • Company shareholder report
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Movable Property
  • Corporate Records
  • Official Journal of Romania

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Many Romanian companies that engage in corrupt or fraudulent practices are merely shell companies, with no employees or permanent business locations. 

The Romanian company's credentials and experience are listed in its bid or proposal, but are they true?

Has the Romanian company or individual been debarred, suspended, investigated, sued, or received negative publicity? 

Is the Romanian company able to complete the proposed work, in terms of expertise, personnel and resources?

Discover the truth about

partner's financial stability

economic reputation 

litigation issues

Associates credibility 

Associates legal problems

Insolvency problems

Our Company Check collects data from public records and private data banks and prioritizes the information that matters to you depending on your specific business relationship and objectives. After gathering this data, our team will present the findings in a succinct and simply accessible way.

We can ensure that the report we give is personalised to your specific requirements by merging information from many organisations and registries.