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Paul Dumbravanu advises clients in a full array of complex issues relating to office, residential, shopping center, and mixed-use projects throughout Romania. I represent clients in acquisitions and dispositions of single properties and property portfolios; purchases and participation of mortgage; workouts and restructurings; financings of real estate properties and projects; office and retail leasing; and joint venture development.
Simply put, Paul Dumbravanu will help maximize the value of your euro. I understand how much time and money in real estate affairs. As you embark on a real estate venture, you’ll likely be subject to fees and ancillary expenses along your way. We aim to minimize oversight, while streamlining your process, and by doing so, help avoid any external costs. By taking a hands-on approach, I hope to, in essence, pay for myself and then some. As you know, time is money, and indecision can wind up costing you. Having an experienced attorney in your corner 24/7 can allow you to make well-informed and timely choices- choices that can lead to more profitable outcomes.

Services we specialize in:
Whether you are looking to purchase a home or a building for your business, real estate is a substantial investment that has become increasingly complex. Paul Dumbravanu Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services regarding both residential and commercial real estate. Our practice encompasses both transactional documents as well as real estate litigation.

Residential Real Estate Transactions and Litigation
For most people, a home is the single most significant purchase they will make in their lifetime. To protect your investment, you need real estate attorneys with the knowledge to guide you in making sound choices. We have helped clients in the following areas:

Real Estate Disputes.
Whether it is a conflict during sale negotiations or a disagreement between neighboring homeowners over access, easements, or encroachments, real estate disputes can develop in a wide variety of circumstances. We work hard to help our clients resolve these issues in a timely, cost-effective manner so they can move forward with their lives and begin enjoying their property.

Having a lien placed on your property prevents you from selling or transferring the title. We assist owners in negotiating, settling, and removing these encumbrances.

Contract Preparation.
The majority of real estate agents use form contracts that include boilerplate language for every transaction. Although these forms work for some people, they are not tailor-made for the parties or property involved. It is not uncommon for buyers or sellers to discover a significant error in their documents long after their broker has collected his or her fees. Attempting to correct or modify a transaction after the fact is a costly endeavor without the guarantee of success.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Litigation
Business owners know that where you conduct business is just as important as the type of business you lead. Large and small, the vast majority of companies rely on location to ensure a steady stream of customers and income. At Paul Dumbravanu Law Firm, we have in-depth knowledge of the real estate issues that go hand in hand with owning a business. As a new lawyer, Attorney Paul Dumbravanu owned one of the biggest real estate brokerage in Ploiesti.

He encountered numerous title and real estate issues. Today, Paul’s clients can rest easy knowing that he has an insider perspective when it comes to this particular area of law.

Attorney Paul Dumbravanu assists clients in the following commercial real estate matters:

● Property development

● Litigation

● Land use

● Easements, zoning & eminent domain

● Liens

● Sale and purchase

● Other real estate matters

Buyer Representation
Our Buyer Representation Service Allows You To Buy Your Next Property With Ease And Reduced Risk.

Purchasing a piece of real estate, whether residential or commercial, is a significant investment of your time and money. The Law Office of Paul Dumbravanu can help you navigate through the transaction and mitigate your risk. From lenders to inspectors, there are so many participants playing critical roles in the real estate transaction; we are there to represent your best interests and to help ensure you get all the benefits you are entitled too. Our buyer representation service may include contract review and explanation, negotiating terms, determining the best way to take the title, reviewing the chain of title and your title commitment, coordinating with your lender, preparing documents, reviewing documents before closing, explaining papers and attending the end. Problems often arise during a real estate transaction, and we are there to help solve those problems.

Seller Representation
The Law Firm of Paul Dumbravanu represents sellers during a real estate transaction by providing contract review, negotiation, title and settlement services, contract disputes, and even litigation.

For most people, the purchase and sale of real estate is the most significant financial transaction of their entire life. Home equity is often a source of retirement income and a long-term investment that grows steadily over the years. Why not protect your most significant asset and your financial future by hiring The Law Office of Paul Dumbravanu, Let us help you achieve your goals with effective and affordable representation. Our services include contract review, negotiating terms and repairs, realistic advice, title insurance, title examination and closing document review.

Real Estate Contract Drafting and Negotiation
The Law Firm of Paul Dumbravanu. Offers assistance in preparing contracts for the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate, contract review, negotiation, and the drafting of clauses specific to a transaction.
Many real estate agents in Romania use the standard contract when writing offers to purchase the residential real estate for their clients. We can assist in drafting clauses so that your interests.
Often for a minimal expense, you, buyer or seller can protect their interests in the transaction.
Additionally, we represent buyers and sellers during the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate.

Closing a deal involves more than just buyers and sellers reaching an accord. Clear titles, final reviews and negotiations, and the signing and execution of definitive documentation culminate a deal. I handle all aspects of the close, dealing extensively in both residential and commercial properties, creating cooperative and synergistic relationships between all purchasers, sellers, banks, brokers, and agents involved.

Landlord-Tenant Litigation
Landlord/Tenant Dispute Attorney

Representation of Landlords
Landlords seeking legal representation with tenant disputes and eviction proceedings need an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about the Romanian landlord-tenant laws. Landlords do have substantial constitutional rights and procedural advantages.

At Paul Dumbravanu Law Office, we recognize the challenges landlords face in legal matters and aggressively represent them, at the same time providing practical and cost-effective advice. We serve parties negotiating for possession of rental units through voluntary buyouts, and we represent, and we vigorously defend landlords in wrongful eviction and premises liability lawsuits and defendants in criminal eviction lawsuits.

Careful Planning and Attention to Detail
Representing landlords in landlord-tenant disputes or litigation requires detailed and proactive planning and strict attention to detail, particularly in drafting legal notices to tenants in compliance with all applicable rent-control administrative and procedural requirements. That involves immediately identifying the various issues and facts.

We manage litigation efficiently and cost-effectively without taking shortcuts. We draft the initiating notice to terminate tenancy carefully because even a minor mistake can cause lengthy delays or have your case thrown out of court. A claim of wrongful eviction based on landlord conduct can result in costly litigation.

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