Why Relocation?

A bad Relocation Costs Millions

An international knowledge worker is expensive, but worthwhile investment. Yet, if an employee moves within the first year it may result in a total cost of several hundred thousand Euros. When Bucharest is deselected, the high tax burden or too low salaries are rarely the cause. Far more often it is the problems outside the workplace and the cultural challenges that scare people away.

Therefore, a new type of business has started to bloom – the so-called relocation and retention companies that focus on full-service relocation and retention rather than a quick relocation. The name of the leading company in the retention of employees is Relo.care.

About Founder Of Relo.Care

Paul Dumbravanu

Real Estate Relocation Lawyer

Member of National Association of Realtors

Since 2002, i have helped people solve difficult relocation issues by providing solutions. More than just an activity, passion and vision place me in the center of the relocation business.
I have the necessary practical and theoretical experience in relocation real estate.
I have successfully led a prestigious franchise in this field: RE/MAX STAR.

I qualify as a trainer for real estate – „SUCCEED” certified by RE/MAX International – the world’s largest real estate company.
For 14 years i assist clients in real estate relocation. I deal with the identification of properties, prepare the necessary documentation and solve the problems that have arisen during the negotiations.
The most important thing is that the clients I represent benefit from my negotiation skills, thus having access to advantageous property prices and implicitly higher returns.

My team’s objective is to continually provide the best, innovative and remarkable relocation consulting services.
Customer needs are always the first. My goal is always to provide services whose value exceeds the expectations of customers.
My primary goal is mutual respect and the creation of long-term relationships, beneficial to all parties involved.
I am always practical, available, enthusiastic and ever focused on solutions.
I will conduct for you an organized, transparent, efficient and continuously be pursuing the highest standards of integrity and ethics in business practices.
I always struggle to create, develop and implement new ideas, strategies, and services for the benefit of our clients. I continually seek to educate myself in all aspects of the business in order to increase the quality of service offered.
Honesty and Integrity anytime and anywhere.
Continuous improvement of services to exceed the expectations of our customers.
Creating and cultivating a friendly, exciting, creative and productive work environment.
We are consistently focused on personal development and teamwork while achieving our well-established goals.
We only work with the most serious clients and collaborators.


Provided by www.relo.care part of Dumbravanu Property Consultants

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